Monday, November 24, 2008

Snowin in Simi

This past weekend my nieces came over so I had to think of something fun to do so I could be the favorite:) I found the Simi mall made it snow so we thought we'd make the drive and check it out. I'm glad we did. First, the girls saw the train go by and Claire loves trains(you can read the happiness on their faces). This one isn't on a track, the girls loved it. I loved watching the peoples annoyed faces as we honked at them when they were in the way. Choo Choo!
Then they made the snow by the big Christmas tree. It was so fun, they played Christmas music and the snow(sudsy bubbles) came down.

Only in California when its 85 in Nov do we get excited by bubble snow. It was really cute watching the girls get excited. Haley kept trying to eat it and when she finally did was gagging.

Here's a pic of the ladies with snow still in their hair. After, we got some food and headed home. It was a fun night, I'm the greatest aunt ever(sorry Poppy). I would suggest anyone who lives close by go check it out.

Monday, November 10, 2008


This is us at our ward party. Ben and I recycled old costumes because we were to cheap to buy new ones. Haley has had her Giselle costume since last Christmas and has been dying to wear it. Claire's we got a while back on sale and Addy borrowed hers, so we didn't have to spend any money this year. We still cleaned up pretty nice.

Here's Addison with Grandpa Kuhn. People keep telling him she looks like him so now shes his favorite, sorry Claire. Look how excited she is.

Here is Claire with her wings on, the only time at Halloween she wore them and shes even trying to take them off here. Her attitude is perfect for Tinkerbell....sassy!

Haley had to keep correcting everyone who called her a bride. I explained to her that this was Giselle's wedding dress but, she still didn't like it. The mom of a boy in her class who likes her said "You should have told me she was gonna be a bride, I would have dressed Diego in a Tux, a glimpse into the future" Ben wasn't happy with this comment...Haley loved it!