Monday, November 12, 2007

That's Hotter!!

This is Ben and I on Halloween. I just got these pics from a friend. I was sad because no one at the ward party noticed we dressed up. They never said nice costume or anything. I don't get it. Oh well! I was a little sad because my poofy bangs went flat. Nice Gut!! Not so Hott!

This is what happens when you give your kid a small chocolate covered pretzel in the car. Claire fell on the way to the car and was really sad so I gave her one of the pretzels I had grabbed. When I opened the door of the car I saw this face. And that's not all the other half of the pretzel was all over her car seat. It was seriously a mini, tiny pretzel. What is she Houdini!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

All Hallows eve!!

We were really excited to go to the pumpkin patch but, as you can see by Haley's face it didn't last long. Haley decided to go down the big slide first. She went down once and then said "uh oh mom" I guess the slide was a little too exciting for her. She had a little accident. Poor kid, she was so upset we had to leave. I made her take a quick pic w/ me and if you look close you can see wet spots on her leggings.....I bet you will all look!!

Claire loved the train! You can always read her emotions right on her face.
My cute witch and cowgirl! Claire wouldn't put that darn straw down

All the kids at the Marlows.Claire, Dallin, Chase, Milana, Zoe and Haley. What a wild bunch!