Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Oh, where to begin about my trip to Arizona....well let me start by saying it was all worth it to see my sisters and friends. We left for Az on Thurs. It was supposed to be my mom, dad and me and the kids but, my moms back was sore so it was just me, the old man, and kids. The trip there wasn't bad but the next day Holly and I went to go somewhere and my van tire was totally flat, like off the rim flat. Luckily my bro in law is handy and fixed it enough to drive back to the house. That night we went to see the Christensens and poor Holly sat on the floor of her van so we could all fit for the hour drive. Claire started getting whiny and by the time we got home around 10pm she said her ear hurt. Now, my kids have never had an ear infection and I was just bragging about this to my friends. Well, off to Urgent care at 10:30 pm,which was super nice and friendly. Turns out Claire has a double ear infection and pink eye. That night she did not sleep well and neither did the baby. So the next day Holly was going to take pics of my kids. I was tired and didn't eat much all morning and started to get a headache. By the time we got to the park and got on the golf cart to find a good spot, I was feeling really bad. After a few pictures I felt like I was going to be sick and my head was pounding. My sister Paige offered to watch the kids while Holly drove me back. I'm not an artist but, the pic below shows how we looked driving through the park on the golf cart. Holly holding my baby and me blowing chunks out the golf cart and back into my hair.
After a nap and some food I was feeling better. The rest of the trip was better. I got to hang out with my sisters and eat Holly's good food. Here's Addy and Aunt Paigie playing together.

My dad and Addy watching the Cardinals game.

Barbara Christensen is so sweet. She had this goose at her house that you can dress up. It was so funny, the kids loved it so she brought it for them to play with. Here's Haley with the goose she dressed up.

Here's me and Lisa. It was so nice to see her. We have so much fun together. Maybe I'll post some of our other flattering pics together.

Awww, the whole reason the trip was good. My and my sissy's.

Okay, I'm not done yet...So my dad and mike got 2 of my bad tires fixed and we were off on our way home. We were almost to Indio when a guy pulls along side and tells us we've got a flat. There are no close exits so we pull off a frontage road. Sure enough the tire we just got fixed is flat. My dad decides we have to change the flat. My poor dad doesn't get to much exercise so the physical exertion of doing this makes him huff and puff and wheeze, I thought he was dying. We put the donut on and we are on our way. We stop about 5 times looking for a place to fix our tire and finally in palm springs find a place. They fix the hole and we are on the road again but, not before spilling a soda and orange juice all over my car and some of my dads blue prints. We finally make it home and I almost cry. My dad was really patient with the whole situation but, has decided to fly from now on. I got home and got sick and lost most of my voice. As I type this Claire just fell and busted her lip and is bleeding all just gets better. Oh, but at least shes potty trained now.....yeah! Anyway, sorry for the long post. Holly if you want to see me you have to come here!