Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Knocked Up!

Don't be offended by my title, I know some people don't like that term....but, I do! So, yes I'm pregnant, but only by like a day. I was going to keep it on the low down, but I told my dad (big mistake) and I had like a dozen people come up to me last night at the Halloween party with Congratulations ....thanks dad!I have to say I was very surprised. I thought it would take us from 6 months to a year like Claire. Not this one, it only took one month. So now Claire and this baby will be almost exactly two years apart. I'm so scared! Anyway, That's all I got, now I just wait to get fatter!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


This is a long post because I don't know how to shrink pics. Every year our family gets a beach house in Carpinteria for a week. This is the first year I've stayed the whole week. Let's just say sleeping with both kids in a small bedroom doesn't make for much sleep. I barely survived. Otherwise the weather was perfect and we didn't have to breathe in Ash all week. Overall a wonderful time!!

Haley and her cousins on the Beach. Notice my child is the only one who cant give a normal smile.

Claire loved the beach, but she loved suckers more. This is why she rarely gets one. She kept dropping it in the sand and would scream while I took it to rinse off. I finally let her suck on sand.

I had to post this picture because rarely does Haley do a normal smile or face. Doesn't she look sweet here? Looks can be deceiving!!

So, Ben and his brother decided to go fishing. They got some poles and a little blow up raft and went out to sea.....far out! They went 3 times and spent a cumulative 10 hours fishing........this is what they caught. Poor babies! One lousy little fish. See how proud Ben looks. Of course I made fun of them.

We went and visited our friend who has a pony ranch. Haley got to ride Pebbles. She's a pretty good little equestrian. Now she tells me she wants a pony for Christmas.....yeah that's gonna happen!

We went to the Santa Barbara Zoo which, I usually enjoy, except this time. Isn't a Zoo supposed to have animals in enclosures? Not this time, this time it was just enclosures. Yes, we only saw about 1/3 of the animals, they must all be in Rehab or something.

My wonderful friends came down to visit me. It was so fun we got to watch our kids, type Ben's paper for him and wake up with our kids in the middle of the night. The best time was when the kids went to bed...

Because that's when we got to watch The Office together and eat slice and bake cookies. I love womanly bonding. I'm going to plan a women only get away every year now. Start preparing your husbands!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

A Burning Sensation!

Don't try this at home!! Anything with a marijuana leaf on it is bad for you!!
Exhibit A:Vanity is a wicked, wicked thing. I will be going to our beach house this week so I decided this year I would have a tan. I'm usually okay with my pastiness but, my bodies not the same as it used to be and I heard a tan makes you look slimmer. Im usually anti tan but Ive gotten vain in my old age.The man gave me a free sample of a lotion guaranteed to make you darker. I tried it on my lower legs. Exhibit B: He said it would cause some redness and tingling. Tingling my *&%. It was a full on fire. My legs were burning so bad. And these pictures weren't taken right away, this was after they had gotten better. I'm all for tigling, just not on my legs(wink, wink).Im just putting this out there so none of you are tricked with the line "a little redness and tingling" Thats what I get for trying to fake bake.