Sunday, July 8, 2007

My Clair Bears One!

Claires birthday was on 7/7/07 and she's not even old enough to appreciate it. It has gone too fast. She's my baby, everytime she tries to walk I push her down so she won't grow up! She was a little sad on her birthday because she's getting her molars and her sister gave her a fat lip that morning (accident...I hope). I was so disappointed when we gave her her birthday cake and she didn't dig in. The kid loves food but, unless we pushed her she ate like a lady. I guess I should be happy. To all my friends with babies, enjoy them, don't be in a rush to make them grow up. Sniff, sniff it really goes so quick.


amyndodd said...

Hi Melissa!! I am so glad you joined the many blogging moms!!! We need to go swimming at Valerie's. Okay Valerie?? I know you are reading this! Oh...and I think matching kids are the cutest thing ever!!! I would do it everyday if I could. It is only a no no if the mom joins in!!!

Laura said...

Meliss...I am so sad I missed Claire's birthday!! Hope you guys had fun. sounds like you are ready to have another baby!!