Thursday, November 1, 2007

All Hallows eve!!

We were really excited to go to the pumpkin patch but, as you can see by Haley's face it didn't last long. Haley decided to go down the big slide first. She went down once and then said "uh oh mom" I guess the slide was a little too exciting for her. She had a little accident. Poor kid, she was so upset we had to leave. I made her take a quick pic w/ me and if you look close you can see wet spots on her leggings.....I bet you will all look!!

Claire loved the train! You can always read her emotions right on her face.
My cute witch and cowgirl! Claire wouldn't put that darn straw down

All the kids at the Marlows.Claire, Dallin, Chase, Milana, Zoe and Haley. What a wild bunch!


Peralta Family said...

I felt so bad for my Hales. It was fun. I hope we get to go back for the hay ride.

Laura said...

Haley looked miserable in that picture. Hoped you guys saved some candy for poor me who got none...the soldiers don't need ALL of it.

Lisa said...

Dear Haley,
I love your costume that you weared for Halloween.
Love, Taylor

I love the girls' costumes, very cute. Poor Haley! That's sooo sad. Haley looks so bummed in that pic, but you look hot ;)

Valerie said...

Good times! They all look so cute.

Larson family said...

at least you didn't pee your pants. all the kiddies look so cute. i don't know about all you all, but i for one am glad that halloween is over!

Holly said...

I dont see why you had to leave! If she spilled water on her pants would you have left? You shouldnt have pushed her on the ride! My poor Hales.
I love Claire's expressions. She has a great poker face!

josh and dianna said...

Haley looks so miserable! Poor girl! When r we gonna meet up?

Holly said...

POST SOMETHING NEW!! I dont like looking at your blog and seeing my Hales so sad!