Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Camping in Carp!

Haley loves the tide pools! She likes to poke the squishy anenamies(?) and have them spit at her. I told her I'm squishy and I'll spit on her but she said it's not the same.
Ben likes to show off his cooking skills. He'd grilled up some tasty shrimp. I wish he'd show off at home. Nice face too!!

Claires new favorite thing is to dip...her food that is. So she loved the beach, it was one big bowl of dip to her. Everytime she took a bite of chip she had to dip it in the sand first. Yum, fiber!!


Valerie said...

Ben and Claire are so photogenic! We'll all have to go camping sometime.

Laura said...

you guys have been quite the vacationers lately. no wonder you have been too busy to hang out.

Holly said...

Haley is too smart for your sassy comments! Claire is helarious. I feel like I havent seen her in forever and she is doing all kinds of new stuff.