Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No nose bleeds this time!

Someone Ben's doing a job for gave us these tickets. What a difference good seats make. I actually got into the game because I could see the players. It was fun. I also liked looking for all the famous people in the fancy seat section in front of us. To sit there you had to have had Botox done.
We were so close (this is not zoomed). See that lady down there. That's doctor Quinn medicine women. She stood up like 20 times during the game. Need some attention?( I didn't take this pic because of her, she was just always there)


Valerie said...

You should have thrown some popcorn on Dr. Quinn & told her to sit down!

Laura said...

nice. i have sat in those seats down below. front row. i know i have already bragged about this. but it is true...i had to pretend that i had plastic surgery.

Larson family said...

there was no pretending involved, well i guess her implants were only temporary. i still think that my outfield seats at the salt lake bees game topped all you alls dodger tickets.