Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Going for a Record!!

I know...can you believe it..2 posts in one month. Its a record breaker. I know when the baby comes I will be bad again so I thought I'd try now. These pics are all out of order but, I still dont compute well enough to figure out how to blog correctly. Anyhoo, Some have asked to see how big I've gotten and this is as good as it gets. I dont really like my pic taken as it is but w/ an extra 25 pounds Im even less than thrilled. This is about the only profile pic I have and Im not taking one myself, they are too close.
Here we went swimming at Ben's moms house. Its like 114 degrees outside and I love feeling weightless in the water so we swim more now.
This is my cutie Claire bear. She is so baby obsessed. Im more worried about her than having a baby. Any baby we see she wants to hold and poke and kiss. I keep finding her in the infant seat and bouncer. I need to hide them better.

Happy Fathers Day. Bens gonna love me for putting this flattering pic of him up. We made him breakfast, which the girls mostly ate. He got a Flat screen for his birthday/fathers day gift. He's such a good dad and husband. In the last couple months he has built me a entertainment center, a laundry room and a patio cover. Im gonna post pics of all of them soon. My girls adore him and so do I. Okay, enough about him this is my blog! Dont you love Cliare's second day pig tail hair.

(Ben in his underwear)

My Baby girl graduated from preschool. Shes so big now. Next year she will go to kindergarten full time(8-2). I think Im more nervous than she is. I dont have too many pics because it was a great ceremony...Short! Sing some cute songs and have some food. Just how I like it.

Anyway, Thats all Ive got for now. My babies due next week some time and Im just trying to get ready. Like you can be prepared for a third child. Im just very...tired. I cant wait till my friends have more kids so they will understand my flakiness more. I love you guys by the way. Thanks for sticking by me when I never answer your calls. I'll try and do better....no I wont!


The Girls and Dad B. said...

Melissa, your family is too cute! Good luck next week, with the new baby and all... You are going to love having 3 girls, I know I do!
love ya,

Holly said...

Hey thats a nice shirt Ben is wearing. Where can I get one for Mike? Those girls are too cute... we Kuhn girls make some cute kids!! Cant wait to see if Tess lives up to her sisters cuteness. See you soon!

Laura said...

holly, get in the now, it is addison. tess was so last week. good thing val and i don't have too many other friends or you might get cut. just kidding, we love you and have come to terms with your phone issues.

josh and dianna said...

you are all belly girl! there's nothing else to you! good luck next week....let me know if i should just stick with one! haha

Lisa said...

I always love a good "G's" shot, Ben!

Valerie said...

Who? What? Where? When? Did Holly hack into your blog again? No mention of the super party we threw you. Whatever...cute family!

Rushele said...

I got an e-mail from your mom today about you having the baby last night.
Congratulations!! I can't believe how big she was. My babies are so small.
I'm glad things went well for you!
We love you all!!!

kelly l said...

i heard from laura that you had your humongous baby on monday, or sunday. whatever day, congratulations. we'll have to come see you when i visit in a couple of weeks.

Todd, Julie and Liam said...

You were willing to post this pictures because no matter what angle you stare at it, your arms look like little sticks. You're a skinny prego lady!