Monday, September 22, 2008

Haley's 5!

Haley's Birthday was yesterday, she had a Camp Rock party. OK, I wouldn't call it a party, it was grandma Kuhn having us over for Haley's favorite dinner(tri tip, salad and mashed potatoes and gravy). All of Haley's preschool friends are gone so we didn't have a big party this year. Ive told her next year for the past 3 years but, I'm serious this time. Her Cousin Kylee and friend Zoe did come. It was very mellow. I've decided I should post some pics of me with my kids so when they look back they will know they had a mom
Here is Haley at her little table with Zoe and Kylee...bunch of DIVAS!

So I tried to make a barbie cake for Haley. It turned out OK. I just get mad when they don't turn out perfect, but I'm learning. Wait till next year, I'm practicing. Nice smile Haley

Today I made cupcakes for Haley to take to school. Didn't they turn out cute. What a difference piped on icing and a cherry ball makes.

I love my big girl. She is a real good kid, very sensitive to others and that's important to me!


Mandy said...

What kind of mother let's her 5 year old be in love with Jonas Brothers. My daughter will only know about princesses until she is 12. Your horrible.

Laura said...

very cute cake, and cupcakes. and is holly still in town? dang you guys, you were supposed to call me!!!

Poppy said...

Happy b-day Haley! The cake and cupcakes look awesome...when did you get so domestic???

the keele's said...

happy birthday haley!!! time goes by tooooo fast!

Rushele said...

I can't believe she's 5 already!!!
How quickly our little ones grow up!
Looks like a lot of fun though. I didn't realize Holly and the kids would have been there already, but that's nice that her cousin was there for her b-day.
And I really like your Barbie cake! Turned out really cute from what I can tell. And the cupcakes look so yummy!!! I want one!

Lisa said...

First off you look good! Second I wish I was there to hang out...I had always so much fun with you and Holly!

The Girls and Dad B. said...

Ok, so looking at the pic with the Zoe, Haley and Kylee together, I see Sarah, you and Holly! Wow, the days when I babysat you... :) Can you believe you have a 5 year old? time flies! Hope she had a great birthday!

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