Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Benny!

So I never give my hubby much blog love, so this blog is for you Ben. (he will never read this)I feel bad because whenever Ben decides he wants to do something I throw a fit. For example, the entertainment/bookcases below. One day he brought home a book on how to build bookcases and said he was going to do it. I got mad and said he would destroy the living room and wood would fall on our children etc. It took him only a few days and this is what I got. I know I'm a jerk. Then I went to Arizona to visit my sis and came home to this. I always said I wanted a laundry room and he and a friend did it. Its right outside my door leading to the garage. Its a perfect little room to hide my laundry mess. I love it!( the counter and under shelves go all the way across. They wouldn't fit in the pic)
So, yes, I'm a lucky lady. He also always takes care of the older girls. He always gives them baths
and does the whole bedtime routine, books, scriptures,prayer and a song. Ben has a great voice and sings church songs to them. The rare times I do it the girls say "sing a song", when I start they so "oh its okay mom, never mind" Ouch! Anyhoo, My girls adore him and so do I. Maybe I'll show this to him to prove my undying love.


Rushele said...

What a sweetheart!
It's always nice to be surprised by the skills the men have and the thoughtful things they do for the wife.
Geez, you have quite the bedtime routine for your girls!! Makes me feel like I'm not doing it right. We just have prayer and story time. I guess I'd better get on it with the scriptures. I haven't gotten any kid friendly ones yet that Raegan can read with us.

Mandy said...

That entertainment center is awesome. I have to give Ben some props. If I ever get a house will he build me one? Are you trying to convince us Ben is a good husband and dad (get it?).

Lisa said...

Holy smokes! The entertainment center is top notch! The laundry room is awesome too...actually so is the kitchen, your hubby has some mad crazy skills! Maybe one of these days we'll come over and see it all in person, if I ever have the guts to come for a visit with only me and the 3 monsters...actually maybe you won't want us to because I know Dakota would love to pull EVERY book off of those shelves, throw them on the floor, and then do a dance on them!

Laura said...

i like how you cleaned up your laundry room for the picture. come on...does it really look all nice and clean in there? if ben runs out of things to keep him busy at your house, i have a list at my house that he can help matt with!

josh and dianna said...

What a hubby! And a daddy! I love the tv/bookshelves! Actually, I love your whole house!

Mrs. Anderson said...

Speechless - I am dying for that book self!!!